Sunday, May 2, 2010

Max's aggression with men

One of the battles we have been overcoming has been the fact that Max does not react well to men The vet and behaviorist both say that chances are he was not treated well in the past by his male owner, it does not take rocket science to figure that out. Max would become very possessive with his food, me and the kids when my husband was around. I could feed him, the kids can feed him etc from their hands. My husband however could not go near him when he was eating without him becoming aggressive. Well for the past three weeks every meal he has gotten and every treat he has gotten has come from my husband. He is now eating from my husbands hand and is not possessive over food or us when it comes to my husband. He is also very excited to see him, loves on him and is reacting to him just like he does the rest of us.

Do not give up. Do what you have to do. All dog's and yes humans are trainable..

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