Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Heart Worm Treatment completed, first time to board and an incident with my husband

It has been a long time, and in that time so much has happened. Max has completed his heart worm treatments and now has a clean bill of health. He did not fair as well this go around and ended up with pneumonia, which resulted in another overnight visit at the vet and additional medications.

Two weeks into his treatment we went on a family vacation. This was our first time to go away since getting Max, as he had just recovered from Pneumonia and was still in danger due to his heart worm treatment we elected to board him at the vet's office. He did very well and was more than excited when we picked him up.
At which time when we did pick him up he was given a clean bill of health and we were told the heart worms were gone (thank God)

Of course the excitement does not end there in our house, just tonight my husband was playing with Max in the backyard with the children. Max become guarded over his toy, a ball and became overly aggressive. He attacked dh, biting him two times, and tearing his shirt and shorts. DH had to run to the doctor, and I was able to calm Max down.

So while we have come a long way in a short period of time we still have our struggles, we are still working with Max and well the behaviorist will be here tomorrow and then again on Saturday. We are taking extra precautions till we work through these things and we will work this out.

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