Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Training, training and more training

Things are moving right a long with Max, yes we have had a few issues. He has been peeing inside and often right after we have let him out. So we are working on this and looking for any suggestions on things to do to discourage this behavior.

We really have three areas that I am working with him on right now, recall, who is in control when we walk and the leave it command. He does well with training and responds to myself and the kids very well. He seems to catch on very fast to what we are doing and loves getting praise.

When we first brought Max home, our walks were more him walking us, he pulled us everywhere and would not wait on us to go in a direction. When putting on his leash he would be turning in circles, jumping up and down and just not calm at all. We have gotten to the point now that he has to sit before he can have his leash put on, he has to let us go out the door first and has to either walk beside us or behind us. Our biggest issue on walks right now is his tendency to want to chase cars. So when a car goes by we all sit down, children included,  I tell Max "Sit, Calm" he is getting better, he does still jump up but will sit back down for me.

I am working with the leave it command because he likes to attack the childrens picnic table and outside toy box, as well as eat food off the floor the kids have dropped. So I am putting one of his average snacks on the floor and telling him to leave it. He has to leave it alone for one minute and he is rewarded with his favorite snack. His favorite snack is saved for leave it and recall only.

So as you can see we are getting there with Max. I am very happy to say that he is doing great with the kids and with my husband. I am so glad that Max has his forever home.

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