Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What a Rollercoaster these last few days have been.

Max started getting sick over the weekend. At first it was just the big diarrhea, but that lead to vomiting which lead to blood in his stools. We spent yesterday at the er vet and went through a wide range of possibilities. From Gastro Cancer to Pravo Virus. With the final diagnosis being HCG virus. Right now the doctors are giving me a positive outlook and think he will be coming home tomorrow. It was scary to go through but I am relived that he is improving and responding well to treatment.

On a positive note he is being exposed to other dogs while at the vet and seems to handle it well. I have avoided getting him around any other dogs as I was unsure of how he would respond.

Lets continue to pray for a fast recovery and that he is home with us soon.

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