Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Behaviorist and Max

So it is the day for the behaviorist to come and see how Max is with myself, my husband and the children. She first does the Canine Good Citizen test and exam. I am very happy to report that Max passed with flying colors. She took his toys away from him and taught me things to do to help teach Max recall and not lunging for cars. Again, as I am not a behaviorist I am not going to provide any instructions as to what I am doing, I will just tell you that we are going on a lot of short walk's with Max, during which time we are trying to teach him that we are the leader and not him, that he can not pull us on the leash and he has to follow us. We are also working on his reacation to when cars or people go by. Him being a hearding dog he has a natural tendency to want to chase things.

At the end of the day the behaviorist assured me that Max was a very healthy dog, she took samples  of his BM to take back to the vet, the new vet we are going to, in order to check for signs of worms. From her examination, pressing on him etc, he does not appear to be in any pain and can tolerate pressure as a normal healthy dog would. She also examined some of his bm and to the naked eye did not see any worms. This is a huge relief as we are not going to treat him for the heart worms for at least a month to get him adjusted to our family and the new vet. She agreed this was the right thing to do. She also assured me that there is no indications what so ever that Max is unpredictable and should not be around children, in fact just the opposite, he would stand between the behaviorist and the children at first, protecting the kids. She watched as the kids played and ran with Max in the back yard and assured me that he is safe. I will still have to be careful with him and the kids as he gets to know us but there is no fear on my part of Max attacking any of us.

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