Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why not to re-home your pet.

I wish that everyone who was considering adopting a pet could read this, or even those that are considering re-homing their beloved pet, or getting a new kitten/puppy.

Before I started this journey I had no idea what re-homing was, I soon found out it is a common used word in the pet world to indicate finding a new home for your pet, for what every reason you have made the decision that the pet you so much desired is no longer working out for your family. But before you make this choice I beg of you to consider a few things. I know that pets are not human, but they have feelings and they care. They become attached to you, they bond with you, get exited when you come home, stay by your side when you are sick and are there for you regardless of what kind of mood you are in. Some breeds are even said not to do well at all in a re-homing situation, as they will not bond well with new owners. For example the Chow does not bond well with new owners.

Consider if you will that your spouse, your mother, your father etc makes the decision one day that you have become too much to take care of, that you are a problem child and just do not want to deal with you anymore. So they place an aid in the paper, on craigs list or even better they just drop you off somewhere. Imagine how  you will feel, imagine going from living in your loving home with people that love you one minutes to being given to someone else. You do not know these people from Adam, they treat you well but imagine if you can how scared you are. You are sleeping in a new place, a strange place, you are eating different food and have different rules. I for one do not think I would be on my best behavior, how about you?

I have to admit that this is a lesson I learned the hard way, after having Max in our home for a tad over a week I almost gave him a way. I had some great ladies give me some awesome ideas and try to make me see things like Max did, to help me to understand what Max was going through. Again to those of you who helped me through this, those of you who suffered through my ignorance, thank you, yet again.

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